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Company Information
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Veshengro Churia

Permit me to introduce myself.


My name - my Romani name that is - is Veshengro, which means "Woodsman" or "Forester", often also translated as "Gamekeeper", "man of the woods" in literal translation.

I am of the Petalo clan of Rom Polska (Veshtike Rom) - that is to say that those are my mothers fohki; my fathers fohki are Cale (Gitanos) from Spain, and I was born in 1960 in a bender tent besides the road somewhere near Exeter in the County of Devon, in the English West-country.

I have been making knives in the tradition of the old ones since the age of six and have been doing it now for 35 years. For many years I also have been a cold-steel armorer to a foreign military contingent and I have also been a knife-grinder working for the catering trade for many, many years.

A very small selection of knives crafted from old knives can be seen within this little website. However, as every knife is a one of each will look somewhat different. All knives are made to order. Any "ready-made" knives for sale will be featured in the "products catalog", as will other craft goods, such as walking sticks, etc.



Romani Churi in "stubby" or "palm knife" size. Made again from a Firths Stainless table knife and a hadle from Western Red Cedar or Thuja.